Sunday, June 15, 2008

Teresa Rizal - Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility

The Teresa Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility is a component under the Waste Management and Sanitation program of the Local Government Unit of Teresa in Rizal Province. The facility is implemented with assistance of the World Bank, Netherlands Government and LLDA through the LISCOP project. It is designed to recover reusable and recyclable materials from collected municipal solid wastes. It will accomplish this by reducing the volume of waste that ends up in the landfill by converting it to products used by the community.

Objective of the Project: To provide the municipality of Teresa with the technology needed for proper solid waste processing in order to manage systematically the collection, segregation, processing, transfer, storage and marketing of processed waste product.

The project includes:

  • Waste Segregation Center-Here, waste is sorted to recover the recyclable components including plastic, glass, leather and metals;

  • Compost and organic fertilizer plant - In this facility, the biodegradable fraction of the waste is segregated, shredded, and then composted to produce a soils amendment used by local farmers and gardeners;

  • Plastic Recycling Center- In this facility, plastic products are removed from the solid waste stream and sorted by composition and sent to various markets throughout the Metro Manila area where they are sold to local venders. Some of the plastics are shredded for incorporation into hollow blocks production; and

  • Hollow Block Manufacturing Plant - This facility mixes sand, gravel, cement and shredded plastics to produce construction grade concrete blocks used in the local building industry.
Beneficiaries of the Project:

The households and commercial establishments including schools, churches and other offices along and near the collection routes are the project beneficiaries. In terms of additional income, the hired personnel of the facility and the local government will benefi t from the project. More importantly for the community, the project creates a cleaner and healthier environment for the people of Teresa and the overall watershed of Laguna de Bay.

Total Value of the Project: P8,169,768.25 Grant: P3,267,907
Loan: P3,676,071 LGU Equity 7.5% LLDA Equity: 7.5%
Project Completion Date: December 4, 2007


admin said...

hi. i wish to know more about recycled building materials like pricing and some technical info.

Mich Nofre said...

hi ,
san po sa teresa rizal mkikita tong pagawaan po na to? my research po kc kme ganto ung concept. ggwa kme ng device for this. Thanks. God Bless

Jan said...

I am hoping to learn more about the specifics of his recycled hollow block project, for instance, its components, strength capacity and the like. My dissertation is in need of a thorough study of the components and characteristics of recycled hollow blocks so I may compare them with those already manufactured here in Cebu.f you wish to reply or contact me, you can reach me at my e-mail address, or my cell at 09228321780. I hope you will consider my request.